Monday, October 29, 2012

WaypointHR is an Open Source human resource database, providing organisations with a free, immediate and flexible Human Resource Management System (HRIS).

With WaypointHR you can record and store all your important employee information including:

    Personal details and emergency contact information
    Holiday, sickness and absence history
    Employment, contract, job and salary details
    Discipline and grievance records
    Performance appraisal records
    Exit interviews and employment termination
    Current and historical data
    and much more...

WaypointHR is a robust and scalable HRM platform used to electronically store staff information, doing away with the need for paper-based personnel files.

WaypointHR is free to download, free to install and free of charge, with no purchase costs and licence fees.

WaypointHR can store unlimited employee records and have an unlimited number of users.




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