Friday, November 9, 2012

LedgerSMB is an open source accounting and ERP program which offers businesses the ability to manage their operations, track money, and more. As open source accounting and ERP systems go, it is quite full featured.

Benefits of using LedgerSMB include:

    Reduced ramp-up times compared to other leading accounting/ERP packages due to a simple, powerful user interface.
    Support and preserve your competitive edge with customizeable software. Build the software around your business, not the other way around
    Integrate with other programs via an open architecture.
    Choose from an open community of consultants and service providers to help make the software meet your needs.

Core modules

    General Ledger and Journal Entry
    Manage your accounts, transfer money between them, and get a picture of the general financial health of your business. ( double entry accounting )
    Track customers, quotations, sales orders, and invoices.
    Track vendors, purchase orders, and invoices.
    Contact Management
    Track customer/vendor orders and relationships to your business.
    Cash Management
    Handle cash in and cash out. Write checks, track receipts, and reconcile with bank statements.
    Fixed Assets
    Track and manage fixed assets, their depreciation and disposal
    Inventory Management and Light Manufacturing
    Track goods and services, and assemblies of these
    Point of Sale




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